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Sunshine, Clematis and Peace Knitting

1   It has been another glorious day today, blue skies and sunshine, bird song and quietude.

live in the sunshine

2   Our new Clematis,Duchess of Edinburgh, has opened its first beautiful flower.

Duchess of Edinburgh

Duchess of Edinburgh

3   The pile of pieces for Wool Against Weapons keeps growing, thanks to my friends who are knitting too. Two more pieces have joined the pile, one from Marilyn and one from Margaret so we are now up to ten. We are going to start joining them together soon, prior to our knit-in in Truro soon.

Ten pieces in the pile -seven more on the way.....

Ten pieces in the pile -seven more on the way…..

For those of you who love The Little Prince as I do, check out this blog post I wrote about the story here.


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