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Dylan Thomas, Diamond Raindrop and New Cardigan

1   As my regular readers will know, I am a huge fan of the writing of Dylan Thomas. I love his poetry and even more, I love his play for radio,   ‘Under Milk Wood’. I used to read U.M.W. with my GCSE literature classes before the curriculum dictated only a few plays that we could read. They grew to love his humour and his marvellous use of language almost as much as I did. Of course, they loved that the name of the seaside village where Under Milk Wood is set is named, Llareggub, bugger all backwards!  He died in New York having continued his reading tour despite having a serious chest infection and he died of pneumonia at only 39. What a tragic waste of an incredible talent though he has left us some magnificent treasures. I have posted herehere and here about his work. Click on the links for some Under Milk Wood, Poem in October and Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night.

2  I found this beautiful diamond of a raindrop in a newly formed Lupin leaf.  Click on the photo for really beautiful detail.

Raindrop in a Lupin leaf

Raindrop in a Lupin leaf

3   Today I have finished of the multi-coloured cardigan for Grand-baby B by sewing in all the ends. I am very pleased with it though I think it’ll be a while until she grows into it. Better that than too small!

For Grand-baby B

For Grand-baby B – I just love the buttons!



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