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Tree Owl, Books and A Carnation

1   A young friend has kindly given me permission to use her photo of a walk in the bluebell woods in the new memorial garden at RSPB lodge at Sandy. I just love how the owl has been carved in the stump of an old tree.

Owl carved in tree

Owl carved in tree – Thanks, N.

2   I grew up in a house with thousands of books. We don’t have quite that many but I just loved this poster when I saw it. The illustration by Edward Gorey is quite delightful. It pleases me too that it is mostly purple, white and green – Suffragette colours.

No such thing as too many books!

No such thing as too many books!

3   The miss-you carnations that my friends at The Inglehearts sent a week ago are almost fully open. Isn’t this one just glorious?!

Orange tipped carnation

Orange tipped carnation


And this link is for Alex, a young blogging friend, who keeps me informed about all sorts of things astronautical. Growing lettuces in space! I found the idea fascinating and you might too.


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