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Batch Cooking, Viburnum and Restoration

1    Yesterday I cooked up a storm, making the first of the meals for 11 and a 1/2 family people for the holiday season! This was the beautiful Flemish Beef casserole which will be topped with garlic bread. It is now in the freezer in 6 boxes of two servings each and I thank my school friend, Stella, for the recipe. I shall add chestnuts to the final dish to make it even more festive!

Stella's Flemish Beef

Stella’s Flemish Beef

2   The Viburnum is bursting with waxy blossom, such a welcome sight when there’s not much colour in the garden.



3   The people who had this house before us changed some of the beautiful Victorian features and as we decorate, we are restoring those we can. They removed the picture rail and put it lower than it should be. The lovely Mr S has taken it all down, we have filled the holes and re-plastered parts and now the rail is back at the height it should be, restoring the elegant beauty of the room. Now we just have to get it all re-painted before Grand-baby B arrives on Monday as she will need somewhere to crawl about!

The rail in its original position and the patchwork  where it was.

The rail in its original position and the patchwork where it used to be.


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