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Email, Card and Mural

1    I received a lovely email from one of the Cor Serenata thanking me for the book I sent and looking forward to The Inglehearts’ reciprocal visit to Port Talbot next year.

2   This card has been on the dresser for a few days brightening my days. It came from a very good friend left behind in Yorkshire when we came back to Cornwall nearly 6 years ago and it was a real joy to receive. A is one of those special people who you might not be in touch with or see for months but the moment you are together, the time falls away and there you are again, warm, happy and safe in each other’s company.

Inside it says, '...the way thoughts of you brighten mine!'

Inside it says, ‘…the way thoughts of you brighten mine!’

3   At the hospital today (just for Visual fields tests as my Dad had glaucoma) I found the other delightful mural by Peter Wright. This one is called, ‘Falmouth Working Boats’ and is about 3 meters long. To see the first one if you missed it, click here.

Falmouth Working Boats by Peter Wright

‘Falmouth Working Boats’ by Peter Wright

Detail of the mural

Detail of the mural



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