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Garden Birds, Doorway and Memories

1   The birds are back! There was an enormous crowd of Long Tailed Tits taking turns at the feeder today, in skittish mood and impossible to photograph. There were also Goldfinches and Great Tits. It’s lovely to have them all back again.

2  We went back to Penzance today, albeit briefly, and this open doorway was very inviting but we were in a hurry…..  Next time.

Open gate

Open gate

3    We went past a tree with a purple ribbon tied around it so I stepped over the grass to find out what it was all about. I have never before seen a plaque so worded and I found it very moving.

Be-ribboned tree

Be-ribboned tree

Memories - do read


My Mum would have loved this blog. She had such a lovely positive attitude to everything and today, her birthday, is Bonfire Night. Mum loved that everyone celebrated her birthday with her!



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