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World Kindness Day, The Golden Rule and ShelterBox

1   Today is World Kindness Day.  Being kind to each other must be one of the most important attributes of the human.

World Kindness day

World Kindness Day

2    I wrote a few weeks ago here of the Golden Rule, treat others as you wish to be treated. These words of Arthur Dunn ask an important question and one that is partly answered in the work of ShelterBox below. If only we all (including our governments) could live by this philosophy, the world would indeed be a kinder place.

Why should the Golden Rule be so difficult in business and foreign relations? The happily married treat each other as they wish to be treated. They treat their children better than they wish to be treated themselves. Unless we do unto a friend as we do unto ourselves, we lose a friend. In an emergency we rush to the aid of our neighbour. Is it so great a step to realise that all people everywhere are neighbours?

3     Today from ShelterBox:  “PHILIPPINES UPDATE: 504 ShelterBox tents have now arrived in Manila, Philippines. Distribution of this aid will begin as soon as it has cleared customs. A further 224 ShelterBoxes and 576 ShelterBox tents are currently en route to Cebu, Philippines with airfreight courtesy of DFID. This shipment is hoped to arrive in the Philippines 13 November. Nine SRT members are carrying out assessments in Cebu, Bohol and Tacloban. Additional team members are also on their way.

An extra 200 ShelterBoxes destined for the Philippines were packed by warehouse volunteers at ShelterBox HQ in Cornwall yesterday. ShelterBox are looking to help up to 4,000 families in the Philippines in the immediate future, with potential for more help if it’s needed.  We couldn’t do any of this without your support and donations.”                We are lucky enough to be both safe and able to have donated for a Shelterbox. What a beautiful idea it was that Tom Henderson, the Founder of this charity had all those years ago.  Find out all about the charity and the boxes here.

ShelterBox in action

ShelterBox in action



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