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The Ballad of Joe Hill, Singing and Limequats

1  I was reminded of these words of Shelley yesterday

“Music, when soft voices die,
Vibrates in the memory-  “

when I heard ‘The Ballad Of Joe Hill’ sung by Paul Robeson, one of my all time favourite voices singing one of my lovely Dad’s favourite songs, and one which we played at Dad’s Humanist funeral. It was chosen by Ed Milliband in Desert Island Discs on Sunday and has been in my head ever since. Some of you will know this – but it doesn’t matter how long ago you ‘lost’ a parent, they never actually leave you and music can suddenly bring them back into the kitchen as clearly as if they were still alive.

3   Singing with The Inglehearts tonight was especially good. There’s something very special about singing in harmony with friends. Here’s a public Thank you to Claire Ingleheart for her work, her friendship and her very special talent which she shares so freely.

3   The Crystallised Limequats look beautiful in their jar.

Crystallised Limequats

Crystallised Limequats


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