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The Extra Mile, Red Docs and Ballet Boyz

1   I took a very large envelope to the Post Office today, sending some of the Christmas Clings that Marilyn  very kindly sent to me, to our Grandchildren.  I asked if they had a ‘Please do not bend’ label but they didn’t. The woman behind the counter suggested that I add a piece of card  to strengthen it all and so I said I would take it home, do that and come back tomorrow. ‘Just a minute,’ she said and disappeared into the back. She then spent the next 5 minutes or so undoing my package, fixing it up with a piece of card and resealing it!  What a star!

2   I am so excited! I now have my red Doc Martens! Some of you will know I have been eyeing these for some time and today, there were some new ones in, in red leather rather than the patent and so I have some at last. I wore them out of the shop which reminded me of being little when we always took our old shoes home in the box and wore our new shoes home with such pride!

My new red Doc Marten boots

My new red Doc Marten boots

3   Tonight we went to The Hall for Cornwall to see The Ballet Boyz, an all male modern dance group. THe first dance was incredibly lovely showing off the beautiful male bodies; the second dance full of stylised violence and suppressed aggression and quite exhilarating.



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