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Frost, Miniature Trunk and A Dragon in Our Street

1   I love how the frost has highlighted the veining on the Primrose leaves and the hairiness of the leaves on the Alpine Strawberry.

Frost enhancing the veining on the primrose leaves

Frost enhancing the veining on the primrose leaves

Frosted strawberry leaves

Frosted strawberry leaves

2   When my Mum was a little girl of only 11 years old, she was sent away to boarding school in 1925.   To help her accept this, someone ( and sadly I don’t know who this lovely person was, not her parents, I think) made her a little trunk like the one all her own things were packed into. In the trunk were miniature versions of her school uniform: tunic, blazer, shirts, tie, even underwear and socks.  Mum kept this little trunk all her life (though the doll and the little clothes are long gone) and in its two layers, kept ribbons, elastic, bias tape, name tapes and cords for her sewing. I still have the trunk and am slowly using up the contents, though they will never all be gone.  Wasn’t that a beautiful thing to do for a sad little girl?

Mum's miniature trunk

Mum’s miniature trunk – not her dolly

3     I wish there was a dragon like this on our roof!

There's a Dragon in our street!

There’s a Dragon in our street!


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Home – for the creatures in our garden

All sorts of creatures make their homes in our garden.


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