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Brambling, Piano Lesson and A Crocus in the Grass

1    Our first Brambling visited this morning and was feeding for quite a long time. I had to take the photos from inside the kitchen at about 3 meters away so they aren’t the best shots. Isn’t he a handsome bird?

Corn Bunting visiting

Our first Corn Bunting

Our first Brambling

2    I moved on to my first Grade 2 piece this morning. It both looks and feels hard to play! However, G, my teachers was full of praise for the progress I’ve made recently so I’m hoping that, with lots of practice, the piece will start to look less frightening!

3     While working in the garden today, the lovely Mr S spotted a tiny purple crocus in the lawn. It’s a serendipitous mystery to us as we haven’t planted it there.

Spot the tiny fragile crocus

Spot the tiny fragile crocus


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