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Velvet Moss, Neighbour’s Garden and Fragile Fans

1    I love the velvety texture of the moss and the crinkly-ness of the lichen.

Curly edged lichen

Curly edged lichen

Moss with a velvety texture

Moss with a velvety texture

2     Over a neighbour’s garden wall I spotted this beautiful patch.  I love the turquoise behind the flowers and the air-grid too.

A neighbour's garden

A neighbour’s garden

3   I visited the blog of a new follower today and found some very interesting writing. Take a look here. One of her posts featured a fan and I was reminded of some family fans tucked away somewhere.

I found them, all wrapped up with love. They are all very fragile and very beautiful. The feathery one was Mum’s and the two hand-painted lace ones were Granny’s so are over 100 years old.

Just heard the news about the Muckle Flugga monster!  A huge ling caught by line! Look it up! It’s as tall as the man who caught it!


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