Border, Church Tower and Biscuits

14 Mar

The following is our view from the kitchen of part of our Spring border – Narcissi, Cyclamen, Tete a Tete, Fritillara and  Muscari, all topped by our comedy and tragedy sculpture.  Later the Clematis plants (just beginning to sprout)  will cover the trellis.

We had a short drive out today, passing by St Day Old Church and we stopped so that I could get a photo of its most unusual tower.

I made us a treat today. We used to call these Swap Shop biscuits as the recipe cam from that children’s programme when our four were little. I adapted the recipe as I didn’t have any Sweet Tea biscuits or Digestives to crush so I smashed up a few trifle sponges and used oats to make up the weight. I added slices of ginger and slivered almonds to the raisins and it is totally delicious! In fact, with all that fruit, the nuts and the oats, it can be considered a healthy treat!!


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