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New Glass, Woodland and A Vegan Supper

Just in case we have to self-isolate at some stage, I have today stocked up on some beautiful glass so that I can spend my days playing and creating. Added to my golds and yellows, greens and blues, and the remaining Victorian pieces,  there is scope for all sorts of creativity!

We passed by a little woodland on our way to buy glass and were able to stop to photograph the Narcissi and the Celandines.

Supper tonight was a delicious vegan meal – Spinach, Coconut, Tomato and Brown Rice – the recipe for which was in last Sunday’s Observer. Here is Nigel Slater’s recipe if you would like to try it too.The coconutty sauce was scrumptious as was the rice flavoured with cardomon, clove and peppercorns.



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