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P.E. Lessons, Tree Work and Magical Droplets

Yesterday Daughter No 3 told me about an online PE session that she and LiveWire No 4 are doing each weekday morning so I had a look at it. What fun and what a beautiful and charming young man as teacher! I joined in what I could (not a lot really!) and it felt really good that for a short time I was doing a workout with the LiveWires. It is a live video and invites comments for a shout-out so I sent a message saying, “Granny Sally, 74, in Cornwall enjoying PE with Grandkids in Suffolk and London” and we got a shout-out that we and the London contingent heard!  Try it with your distant Grandkids – it’s fun to feel that, despite the distance, we can still do things together.  Joe creates the most amazing online community with his positivity and encouragement.

A  Dear Friend is also a tree surgeon and today he came along to save our phone line from being broken by next-door’s trees. He did a fantastic job, all of us staying at least 2 metres apart, much more when he was up the trees!

G started early and the dew was still on the plants. I could hardly believe the way the droplets had gathered here on the beautiful new leaves.

I have forgotten what this plant is called…….


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