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Kindness, Shoreline and Celebrities

I have been a part of Shoreline today on the beach at Sennen and it was wonderful. Click on the red link for photos of the earlier production.  Being in it, of course, means no photos but heightened emotions. The sun was setting, the  tide was coming in, the dancers were in the waves and I couldn’t sing the words “sing for the mother and the child she holds” if I watched the dancers struggling in the water.

This is the beach just as we finished.   It was a stunning performance this evening and I heard some people as they were leaving, talking about how very moving it was. As we moved towards the part of the beach designated for the second performance some people asked me what was happening and I explained and invited them to stay for the promenade performance. I was told afterwards that I had been talking to one of our well known actors, Alun Armstrong! Yesterday Dawn French happened upon the performance on the beach and tweeted about us.


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