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Jamestown, Yorktown and The Hound’s Tale 2

Yesterday was a day of history, discovering how the early settlers lived. The ships they made the long and dangerous journey in were so small! 

After the museum we drove the road alongside the James River to Yorktown. 

We met two young skateboarders in Yorktown who just wanted to talk to us to hear our Enflish accents!

  We went back to The Hound’s Tale for our supper as we enjoyed it so much last night. The owner Don, spent some time with us again which was lovely and our food was delicious. I had scallops with cauliflower purée and asparagus while the lovely Mr S had duck with spätzle and a very delicious sauce. We loved the quirky dog ‘portraits’ and the doggy footprints on the pavement outside leading customers in to the bar, modelled on an English pub. 


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Williamsburg to Washington 

That was some drive! Thank goodness for good maps and the grid system! The B&B in Williamsburg had a raised bed vegetable garden,not unlike ours at home ( wondering how ours is doing….).  

 We followed a Master Gardener for a while on our way. I love how American number plates can be so personalised.

We are now settled in our hotel and planning the next couple of car free days. 


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Jamestown, Yorktown and The Hound’s Tale

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