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Reunion, Asheville and Art

We worked out that it has been eighteen years since we had met, our beautiful niece and ourselves, when she was but a little girl! We met for lunch at a delightful restaurant called Rosetta’s on Lexington. We were served by a lovely young woman called Rayne who was as excited as we were that we were about to meet our niece after so many years. Our vegan meal was absolutely delicious. 

We spent the afternoon strolling around Asheville and visiting several art galleries. I am loving the street art that we are seeing as well as the galleries. The tiny houses pleased me greatly as did the old tractor seat made into a street seat, one of several.



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Atlanta to Asheville 

Please join us on our drive into the mountains as we leave Atlanta and head for Asheville ending up at our historic hotel, The Aberdeen Inn which is just splendid.



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