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Singing, Clematis and A Special Concert

It has been a day full of singing! First it was the Thursday session with The Suitcases which was brilliant as always and where we sang a couple of songs as possibles for the Wedding I am conducting on 20th July where the couple want a small choir to sing for them.  We will need 10/12 to volunteer. Here is a taste of Shoshone Love Song for you.

Thanks to Kenn for the recording.

Our Choir-Baby E was engrossed in her drawing today.

Choir baby E

Choir baby E

2   The Clematis on the front fence has been in bud for what seems like weeks and today, suddenly, there were lots of beautiful blooms.

Clematis flowering in the front garden

Clematis flowering in the front garden

3   This afternoon, The Ingleheart Singers, my other choir whom you may have listened to on Monday, did a concert at a local Care Home and it was an utter delight. We sang some Cornish songs which were much appreciated and several of the old people joined in,  all the words and the tunes coming back to them and obviously giving them great pleasure. We also have a war-time medley that we did for the Heligan event last summer and those too had people joining in. One old lady was laughing and singing along and clearly enjoying the concert. I was told later that she usually spends much of her day weeping but today we brought her laughter and some happiness.

Claire has a rest at Crossroads. Thanks to Richard Masters for the photo.

Claire Ingleheart, our esteemed leader, chatting to one of the residents in the break between sets.


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