Daily Archives: April 18, 2015

Butterfly, Blossom and Grand-Baby B

Today we have seen several butterflies in the sunshine – Brimstone Yellows, one Orange Tipped White, both too flitty to catch on camera, and this Peacock butterfly, lovely on the little purple flowers.

Up the lane there are several Crab Apple trees just dripping with blossom.

Our morning was spent building an enormous wooden swing and climbing frame, a second birthday present from her other Grandparents, for Grand-baby B who was very excited, brought out her own tool kit and helped with the nuts and bolts. The seat became a shelter from the sun and a lovely hiding place. Once it was all assembled, B swung for two and a half hours, laughing and saying, “B swinging!” “B’s playground!” and “Big one!” to go higher and higher. One very happy little girl!






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