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Blue-tit Nesting, Spring Blossoms and An Old Wall

1  Over the winter months, I have been collecting the fluff from the hoover and stuffing it into a peanut feeder. I put it out for the birds yesterday and this morning caught a Blue tit collecting from it and taking the beautifully soft material back to our lighthouse nesting box. What a delight!  Click on any photo for more detail.

2    We took a flat walk in Devoran today. It was good to get some relatively easy exercise. I paid rather badly for my walk into Redruth the other day. For those who don’t know Redruth, for us there is a steep hill down into town and then the main street goes up just as steeply. Coming home of course, is another steep downhill and a further steep uphill! It felt fine at the time but my new hip ached and my yet-to-be-fixed-hip was not at all happy.
Our walk rewarded us with some beautiful fresh Spring flowers – the May blossom was fabulous and we saw our first Bluebells.

3     Taking a side path, we noticed an old building which I went into to explore. What a fabulous place for kids to play to use their imaginations.

Wall covered in ivy

Wall covered in ivy

A number of people have asked me for patterns I have used so I have created a new page called Creative Projects. Do have a look! The pattern for the KnitzTanzania baby outfit is there and the page will grow.



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