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Blossom, Earth Day and Easy-peasy Cheesecake

1    Our Malus Everest is coming into blossom. From beautiful red buds come the most delicate pinky flowers.

Beautiful blossom

Beautiful blossom

2    Talking online with another blogger today, Louisa about Earth Day, 22nd April, I was reminded again of the philosophy of Native American. This from their code of ethics:  

Treat the earth and all of her aspects as your mother. Show deep respect for the mineral world, the plant world, and the animal world. Do nothing to pollute our Mother, rise up with wisdom to defend her. 


3   I have made a family favourite dessert for a shared supper tomorrow – Mum’s Easy-peasy Lemon Cheesecake. I saved a little of the mixture for our supper tonight. I’ll put the recipe up very soon.

Just the best and easiest Cheesecake

Just the best and easiest Cheesecake

Little Cheesecakes

Little Cheesecakes to sample tonight



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