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Walk to St Euny Church

The sun came out this afternoon so, to build my strength back up, we went for a short walk along to St Euny Church. There we discovered that the Redruth Team Ministry have been very busy and have put up some fascinating information boards about the history of the Church and the local area. Do click on the board in the gallery and read about trepanning by highly skilled local surgeons in the late 1700’s and the miners who walked home after such a traumatic experience!
The Primroses, Wild Garlic and the Bluebells were all in flower as were the Cherry tree and many Azaleas. It was a beautiful stroll and I feel the better for it.   On the way up the lane, we spotted a delightful summer house through the hedge where a tree has been cut down since we were last there.   Click on any photo for an enlargement.

Just published another poem in the Poetry section,’ Just The Intensive Care Baby Unit’



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