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Garden Blues, Peace Knits and A Bouquet

1   Our garden has gone from being mostly yellow with a bit of blue to being mostly blue with a bit of white and it’s lovely! Click on any photo to see the detail.

2   I have just finished my fifth piece for Wool Against Weapons and have sat in the sunshine this afternoon listening to bird song and making a start on the next one.

I am posting the instructions for the pieces here for my blogging friend, Patty, who would like to know how to contribute to the 7 miles of Knitting for Peace. If anyone else out there would like to join the cause, we’d love to have your pieces to add to ours!

1 unit =100cm long x 60cm wide        39.5″ long x 23.5″ wide

Use any stitch and any wool…suggestion: approx. 80 – 90 stitches wide – dk size 7 needles/4.5mm with approx. 100 rows – use a tape measure, it really varies!
crochet dk chain approx 75 st
any stitch
any colour of pink!

(I have found that I need 110 stitches on 5mm needles but it really does vary. To gauge how much wool knitters would need,  I weighed my first piece and it weighs only 180 grammes but the Suffragette one weighs 300g with the others coming in somewhere in between!)

3    A lovely surprise this afternoon – H from The Ingleheart Singers very kindly called in with a beautiful bunch of flowers from all my singing friends saying how much I am missed. I’m missing them too and the singing in harmony. Singing would be good for  for my soul and for my lungs and I want to get back as soon as possible!

Lovely 'Miss you' flowers

Lovely ‘Miss you’ flowers – Thank you so much, Inglehearties!


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