Daily Archives: April 30, 2014

Maine Coon Kittens, Teapot and Feather

1   Our eldest daughter has just adopted two very beautiful Maine Coon kittens. Here they are at 13 weeks old. They are making her very happy! There’ll be more photos to come I am sure.

M's Maine Coon kittens

M’s Maine Coon kittens

Gizmo and Lisbeth

Gizmo and Lisbeth

Aren't they just beautiful?

Aren’t they just beautiful?

2   I found this beautiful little decorated tea pot in a junk shop many years ago and today used it to make a fresh ginger and lemon infusion with Cornish honey. Delicious!

3   This lovely little feather  landed on a leaf outside the front door.

Feather caught on a leaf

Feather caught on a leaf



Weekly Photo Challenge – Letters 3

The title, Letters, immediately made me think of the sort that you post and I remembered the delightful photo collection of mail boxes I made when in New England last Autumn. We don’t have letter boxes like these in Britain and I loved finding interesting and personalised mail boxes along our road trip. Click here if you would like to follow our road trip around New England in the Fall. Some photos were taken from a moving car when it wasn’t my turn to drive!  Click on any image for a bigger version and here for others in the Challenge.


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