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I Did It! I Went Sailing and I Loved It!

Some of my readers will know that I have a fear of being on or in water though, of course, I love being near and watching the sea. When the lovely Mr S bought a boat, I knew I had to beat this fear. Today we went for a Taster Sail with The Falmouth School of Sailing and I just loved it! Rob, the Centre Principal, was brilliant, showing me the boat, giving me the option to come back another day as it was really quite windy and gusty today and generally making me feel safe.
Within moments I had been given the tiller and just found myself grinning with delight at the whole experience – the wind, the feel of the boat, the sound of the water, the splashes and  – well, simply the exhilaration of being out on the water. Mr S says he couldn’t take his eyes off me because I was just grinning from ear to ear and he was so delighted that I was enjoying myself after a very quiet and worried morning.  We are both very happy!   Our next move is to sign up for the RYA courses to learn how to do this properly.  Click on any photo for an enlargement.


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