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Last Night’s Moon, Wedding Wheel and Corn

Loved last night’s newish moon with Venus in a lovely clear sky.

We visited a nursery today to buy begonias and saw the florist decorating an old wheel with pampas grass, honesty, teazles and greenery ready for a wedding at the weekend.

The colourful corn was being woven ready for being added later.


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Alignment, Bubble and Gylly Beach

Early this morning, I went to look out of the back window to check if there was still some snow for LiveWire 4 to play with and had the most beautiful surprise of the Crescent Moon with Venus and Jupiter. I had been up early on January 31st to see the special sight but there was too much cloud cover. This morning was utter magic!

Crescent Moon, Venus and Jupiter

As the sky was lightening

There was still snow on the ground this morning so we went out to blow bubbles to see if we could make them freeze as we have seen on social media. Things were beginning to thaw so that didn’t work but one of the bubbles caught in the Cedrus Atlantica Glauca and stayed long enough for me to take the photo.

Bubble in the snow

It was still bitterly cold this afternoon though the snow was long gone (It doesn’t hang around long in Cornwall!) and we went to Gyllyngvase beach for a quick walk and a hot chocolate in the cafe.

I’m going down to the sea!

What can I do with this?

Oh my!


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New Baby, Blogger Award and a Simple Supper

1   Work on the fence has stopped temporarily as our lovely landscaper became a Dad overnight!  Congratulations to D&P. I’ll have to get busy on a pair of Sally-Boots!

2    I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!   Very pleasing. Check out the details here or by clicking at the top left of the page.

3  The simplest of suppers – Tomato and Mozzarella Pasta – delicious!

Bonus for today……

No 4  We’ve just seen Venus and Jupiter, seemingly very close together, in the night sky just above where the sun set. I’m told they are 3-4* apart and will be visible in our sky until Saturday if the skies are clear.


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