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Shadows, Onion Skin and Flowers

At breakfast time this morning the low sun was bouncing from the dining room window into the kitchen and creating pretty shadows from the brass hanging handles of one of our cupboards.

Tree of life with shadows

Preparing onions for a Frittata this lunchtime, I liked how the skin was highlighted.

Veins on the onion skin

The lovely Mr S brought me some beautiful flowers yesterday, just because….

White flowers




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‘Majik’ Table, Baby Leg Warmies and Clematis Buds

1   We’ve had very welcome help today moving the furniture out of the dining room prior to the lovely Mr S sanding the floorboards. (For those who know about the mini flood, we’ve decided against a carpet and are opting for beautiful floorboards!)   The extending dining table has been taken apart and exposed this interesting little ivory stamp.

Majik mark and number

Majik mark and number

I looked it up and found this delightful advert for a table with similar action though the legs of ours are very different.

1930s oak 'Majik' dining table with patent extending action, by Perkins Bros, Leicester

Advertisement for 1930s oak ‘Majik’ dining table with patent extending action, by Perkins Bros, Leicester

2   I finished the very little Leg Warmies just in time for them to be taken home by L. Thank you so much to Alana from NevernotKnitting for the pattern.

Baby leg warmies

Baby leg warmies

3  When our daughters had left after a delightful 24 hours of enjoying their company, we had a walk around the garden and discovered buds on the  Clematis, Montana Elizabeth.  We have bitter winds forecast ( temperatures of around 0* but with the wind chill factored in feeling like -10*!) so we hope they will survive.

Clematis buds

Clematis buds

Yesterday’s Birthday Dinner was lovely and this morning we did Birthday Breakfast and used our beautiful Tree of Life bread-warmer to keep the croissants warm.


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