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Purple Berries, Godrevy and A Birthday Cake

I don’t know what these berries are that are in our front garden but I love the colour.

What are these berries?

We went for lunch and a walk today at Godrevy where the beach was beautiful as always.

It was our lovely neighbour’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and tonight was the first opportunity to have her round for a birthday dinner. I made a Blackberry and Apple Swiss Roll for her birthday cake. It tasted wonderful!

Swiss roll all rolled up and ready to load with home made jam and cream

Swiss roll served up



Swiss Roll, Lemons and Family Togetherness

1   I needed to keep myself busy today so, the weather being unfit for a good stomp, baking was the answer.  I decided to make a Swiss Roll and the lovely Mr S requested Lemon Curd Swiss Roll where I prefer raspberry.  We had run out of Lemon Curd so I started by making a batch of that and then made a twin flavoured Swiss Roll!

Just made Lemon Curd

Just made Lemon Curd

Swiss roll before rolling

Swiss roll before rolling

A slice of each for our lovely neighbours

A slice of each for our lovely neighbours

2   The lemon wedges and the fresh bay leaves for tonight’s roast chicken looked beautiful together.

Lemon wedges and bay leaves for the roast chicken

Lemon wedges and bay leaves for the roast chicken

3    We Skyped with D in Barcelona to bring him and his Senegalese wife up to date with regard to the newest member of our family. He taught us the following expression in Warlof which means We’re all in this together / Family support is all around you, which is so lovely  – Nyo far.

PS  Thank you to so many of you who have sent love and support for us and Grandbaby B.


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