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Christmas Tree, Reflections and Warsaw Angel

1   In a village just up the road from our town, there is a lovely Christmas tree full of enormous baubles.

Lanner's Christmas tree

Lanner’s Christmas tree

2   The tide was in as we started to sing this morning and the water was very still so there were beautiful reflections. Within two hours there was such a hailstorm we couldn’t see across the river at all.

Reflections on the Penryn River

Reflections on the Penryn River

3  Another of our angels was bought in Warsaw and is really quirky! I think she’s gorgeous!

Warsaw angel

Ceramic Warsaw angel


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Olive Oil, Angel and School Concert

1   The Spanish olive oil in its beautiful bottle reflected in the granite work top caught my eye this morning. What a rich and gorgeous colour it is.

Olive oil and a reflection

Olive oil and a reflection

2  Another Angel from the shop displays in our small town. They were all made by local school children working with local artists in their schools. I love this one, made by Ken.

Ken's Angel in a shop window

Ken’s Angel in a shop window

3   Our Choir has sung at the school Concert tonight. It was an absolute delight to see the little ones, only 12 of them, performing their songs and being so pleased with our applause.


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