Daily Archives: November 2, 2023

Storm Ciaran and Comfort Food

Thank you to all those of you who sent messages about the Storm Ciaran. It was wild and has caused problems for many but we are okay. Our only casualty was poor WellyDog being blown over. Elsewhere there have been many trees and power lines down, blocking roads (I couldn’t go to choir), sheds down, slates, walls and fences down, trampolines blown away and some flooding around the coast. As always, communities are working together to help others. We will be at our allotment on Saturday as there has been considerable damage to sheds, greenhouses and poly tunnels and a “mend it together’ working party has been called.

Welly Dog in better weather, in our meadow

We’ve hunkered down so I baked some Chocolate Crispies and made a Chicken and Leek Pie for tonight’s meal.

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