Daily Archives: November 5, 2023

Mum’s Birthday

My lovely Mum was born on Bonfire Night one hundred and nine years ago and, as a child, thought that everyone was celebrating her birthday with enormous fires and fireworks lighting up the sky.  As I write, I can hear the fizz and whizzle, pop and slap of fireworks and the sky is lighting up sporadically. Mum would have loved it as she also loved storms and wild seas.
My photo to honour her today is of her in her element, teaching deaf children in Roskear Primary School, Camborne. I once went to watch her in the classroom and what a special memory that is.

My brother just sent a photo of the parkin he has made today to honour Mum’s birthday. We always had Mum’s parkin around the bonfire with our sparklers!

Parkin made by my brother in Atlanta, Georgia




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