Daily Archives: October 2, 2022

Bill’s Attic, A Strawberry and Borscht

A visit to Bill’s Attic was our trip with our visitors this morning, a visit to the most eclectic collection of artefacts and memorabilia that used to be in his attic next door but which is  now curated in a local arts complex called Krowji. The sunlight through the coloured windows made a magical carpet from which to experience this ‘museum’ of curiosities.

We showed our friends the allotments today and we were amazed to find a strawberry. It smelt delicious and tasted even better.

Tonight we had our first experience of Ukrainian hospitality with beautifully made Borscht and vodka, gherkins, garlic and lemons accompanied by singing and laughing – another wonderful evening with these lovely young people. They start rehearsals tomorrow for the show at the end of the week.



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