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The Nest, Cookies and One Viola

We sang around the nest today.From Caroline at Jubilee Wharf, “The nest has been all about nurturing creativity and community spirit and has been built by the people who live and work at Jubilee Wharf and Jubilee Warehouse. The nest is the result of a community art project initiated by Jubilee Wharf tenants Arts Well, and part of Fun Palaces. People have put wishes in the nest and we would invite the choir to do so too and would love them to sing around it!¬† Fun Palaces supports local people to co-create their own cultural and community events, across the UK and worldwide, sharing and celebrating the genius in everyone.”

My wish

The last time I made Choc Chip Cookies was for our lovely Ukrainian friends. Those young people are so deep in my heart and will be with me for ever. The following words are part of a message that came to us today and which has  touched my soul.
“Just want again say thank you for this beautiful time in Redruth. It was like in Fairytale. Thank you for your attention and time and love.”

Choc Chip Cookies

I spotted just one Viola on the pan stand today.





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