Concert, Flushing and Last Night’s Full Moon

19 May

Fabulous concert and Cornish Cream Tea this afternoon with The Suitcase Singers, singing our hearts out and raising money for our two charities, ShelterBox and The Invictus Trust.

The view across to Flushing from that side of the river is so very lovely and there were swans on the water.

Last night’s full moon was gorgeous, seen through the trees and with an orange glow all around.



6 responses to “Concert, Flushing and Last Night’s Full Moon

  1. nrhatch

    May 20, 2019 at 6:16 pm


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  2. Heyjude

    May 19, 2019 at 10:19 pm

    Flushing is so pretty and I love those swans!

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  3. Sandra

    May 19, 2019 at 7:07 pm

    We were admiring a river with a view too yesterday – ours was the Fowey. I love that shot of the moon! I didn’t see it at all last night. I’ll be watching for her this evening 🙂

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    • mybeautfulthings

      May 19, 2019 at 9:03 pm

      Fowey is beautiful too. Were you at the Festival? 🙂


      • Sandra

        May 20, 2019 at 9:46 am

        Yes. We live a few miles from Bodinnick. There were many sessions I was enthused by when I saw the programme but I only managed to get to one – on the final Saturday. It was definitely worthwhile but also reminded me of what I’d missed previously! Next year hopefully!

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