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Earrings, A Flower and A Gig

I bought a few new pairs of earrings on our trip to Arizona! These Navajo ones were made by Rose Fowler and we bought them at the viewpoint along Oak Creek Canyon. Rose explained that the Bear represents strength, wisdom and healing; the Feather Рtrust, strength, power and freedom and the Turquoise Рwater, sky and a hope for security and beauty. Obviously, these earrings were made for me and I love them.

Navajo earrings

Navajo earrings

Our garden is being battered by wind and rain but the Japanese Anemones are just about surviving.

Japanese Anemones

Japanese Anemones

Tonight we are going to St Ives to a Baka Beyond gig as part of the September Festival and are really looking forward to it.


Baka Beyond


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