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Weekl Photo Challenge – Mirror

Capturing the clouds in the wing mirror as we drive along on our road trip in Arizona.

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From Monumental to Minute

Another wonderfully exhausting day! We hiked out to Cape Final through Ponderosa forests and high up some boulders to almost 8,000 feet!  I kept thinking, Mr Regan would be so pleased to know what good use I am getting out of the beautiful new hips he gave me!

On the way out we saw a family of Mule deer, on the way back a Coyote crossed the road ahead of us and while in the woods we saw all manner of birds, flowers, cacti and little creatures! Enjoy some of them with us. By the way, last night’s sunset was glorious.

This is the plaque set into the rocks at the top of the above boulders.

I loved the colours here, beside us as we had lunch overlooking the canyon.

Some kind of a cricket we think given the way he jumped and sounded.

And  lastly , the coyote.


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