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Singing for Peace, Steam Train and Raindrops

Tomorrow my choirs are to be part of a world event – One Day One Choir, A Global Project for Peace. I am telling you about it today so that you can find out if you, too, can join some singing somewhere in the world and be a part of this amazing day.    Our day is being organised by Paul Haines about whom I have written before while he was on his Pilgrimage for Peace – click here to read more about that adventure and to find other links.


We heard that a steam train was coming by this morning so joined several neighbours to hang out over the bridge to watch the Cathedrals Express race through – and it did, smothering us all in smoke and steam and evoking memories of our childhoods. For those who would like to know such detail, it was LMS Princess Class 4-6-2 no 46201 Princess Elizabeth.

LMS Princess Class 4-6-2 no 46201 Princess Elizabeth

LMS Princess Class 4-6-2 no 46201 Princess Elizabeth

We pulled our first leeks today and I loved how the raindrops were still hanging on to virtually vertical leaves.

Home grown leeks

Home grown leeks


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