Plaice, Glass and The Penryn River

04 Feb

After an excellent singing session and coffee with friends, I went to the new fish shop near our singing venue. What a selection of seafood caught locally this morning! I settled on a few Scallops and some Pollack but just had to catch the Plaice and the Red Snapper (or is it a Gurnard?) on camera. Click on the photo for the whole fish!

The Sculptor’s where we bought our beautiful Fledgling, Rholli’s, has someone else working in his workshop, with glass which is very lovely. I shall have to call in sometime soon.

Beautiful glass

Beautiful glass


When we singing this morning the tide was out. By the time we had finished it was well in. It is just the perfect setting for us all to sing and the singing and the view combined today, as on so many sessions, to be truly spirit lifting.

The Penryn River

The Penryn River

And a PS….  As I am writing this I am hearing on Radio 4 of the beautiful thing done by The Globe Theatre. They have taken their production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet to The Jungle in Calais for the Refugees to enjoy. I have just listened to a Syrian man describing how he loves the play and how he has loved seeing it again. It makes one weep to think how the lives of so many have been turned upsidedown.



2 responses to “Plaice, Glass and The Penryn River

  1. Michelle Noël

    February 5, 2016 at 9:37 pm

    That is so sweet of them to put on a play for their enjoyment. It is terrible to hear how they have been pushed out of their homes.

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