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Fledgling in the Rain, Home Ground and Magnolia

We were promised 50-70mms of rain today and it all arrived at once this morning in the hooliest of hoolies that we have ever seen! Our garden became a series of ponds and the field behind us looked like a lake.

Fledgling in the rain

‘Fledgling’ by Richard Holliday,  in the rain

A walk into town became possible this afternoon and we called in to try a new Coffee Shop, Home Ground. It was lovely and warm in all respects. The welcome was friendly, the coffee excellent and the cakes delicious. We bought an extra one to share tomorrow, an almond and chocolate one which also happens to be gluten free. It aims to be a home from home and certainly the bookcase full of good reads was very inviting. The idea is that you can read while you are there and if the book takes your fancy you can buy it!  There were some of our favourites for children on the bottom shelf – The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Masquerade among them.

Books to borrow or buy

Books to borrow or buy

On the way up Church Lane coming home, we noticed a few opening buds on the Magnolia.

Magnolia blooms

Magnolia blooms


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