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Special Smell, Bud and Frances Bruno Catalano

There is a mass of laundry after a family visit and today I got round to the children’s duvet covers which smell of of the Little Live-wires – so lovely and heart touching.

There are some beautiful Crocus buds in the garden though most are suffering with the wind and the rain. I love how the raindrops are clinging to the sides.

Crocus bud

Crocus bud

A friend showed me this sculpture the other day. It is by Frances Bruno Catalano and I find it incredibly moving. It is on the waterfront in Marseilles and symbolises the vacuum created by being forced to leave your land, your life, your people… for any reason.

Sculpture by Frances Bruno Catalano

Les Voyageurs by Frances Bruno Catalano


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Seasons

Here in Cornwall, UK, we haven’t really had much of a winter – no snow at all, not even really cold but lots and lots of rain and gales galore. However, Spring is beginning to show her face. Here is a Primrose with raindrops from our garden this morning.

Primrose after rain

Primrose after rain with fly

For others in this Challenge, with photos from all over the world and as many variations of seasons as you can imagine, click here.


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