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St Clements’ Cake, Tongs and Be Not Inhospitable

I had a request for cake today and this one was in the freezer needing only its icing with orange zest and juice. It’s a lemony cake with orange icing – hence St Clements.

St Clements' Cake

St Clements’ Cake

I love these silly little tea-bag tongs!

Tea bag tongs

Tea bag tongs

What good advice this is, just the first line alone whether they be in disguise or not. Be kind, be welcoming, be generous Рindeed, follow the Golden Rule of treating others as you would wish to be treated. I wrote before of the Golden Rule here and here. Do check out these pages too. I just love this whole picture as well as its words, an environment I would love to be in. Almost any bookshop is a good place to be!

Be not inhospitable

Be not inhospitable


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