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Weekly Photo Challenge – Careful

The girls dancing here had to be very careful indeed! The ledge is less than 3″ wide.


Dancers at Princess Pavilion in Falmouth being very careful indeed

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Autumn Colour, New Wool and Kulfi

It is lovely to see sunshine through Autumn leaves.

Pinky leaves

Pinky leaves

When I arrived home from a lovely singing session today, there was a parcel waiting for me. It contained two balls of wool in Arsenal colours and a delightful letter from our oldest Grand child:

Dear Granny,
Here is a picture of a balaclava. Please make me the one on the bottom right.
It will keep me warm.

Red and white wool ready for me to knit a balaclava for J

Red and white wool ready for me to knit a balaclava for J

I have made some delicious Kulfi for dessert tomorrow night, using another Spicery kit. Here the spices and vanilla are steeping in the sweet warm milky mixture.

Preparing Kulfi

Preparing Kulfi


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