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Catalan Supper, New Cake and Einstein

We cooked another of our Spicery meals tonight as Daughter No 1 was with us having helped to put the boat to bed for the winter in the ship-yard and it was very good indeed – Catalan Seafood Fideua with Lemon Allioli and a green salad.

Catalan Seafood Fideua

Catalan Seafood Fideua

This afternoon I made a new cake where I blended two recipes and it worked out well. It’s oranges and lemons and sour cream and I need to think of a name!

St Clement's cake

Sour Cream St Clement’s cake,  amalgamation of two recipes

Here  are some more useful words, this time from Einstein.

Do not grow old - Einstein

Do not grow old – Einstein




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