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Present, Souvenirs and Beach Walk

1   I now have a Guen ak korr, a Senegalese pestle and mortar and it is very beautiful indeed. I admired the enormous one in A’s home in Pikine when we went to Senegal for D&A’s wedding (click here for wedding photos) and the one in D&A’s kitchen and N, A’s lovely Mum, has very kindly sent me one which A brought back from Senegal to Spain and which we now have at home. It will have pride of place in our kitchen and will be well used.

Guen ak korr

Guen ak korr and my other pestle and mortar

2   My souvenirs from our holiday in Catalonia sum me up quite well – an apron with a treble clef from Palau de la Musica (singing, piano and baking), cookie stamps that say Homemade, Eat Me and Made with Love (baking and love of friends), a glass measure (cooking), two notebooks with the pleasing continental squared paper which we cannot get in the UK (writing, making lists, creating with words), tiny cup-cake cases (more baking!) and elephant paper clips (I love stationery and elephants. From being very young and right through my teaching career, I loved the start of the new school year which meant I could get lots of lovely, new stationery) – sum total – happiness!

My souvenirs

My souvenirs

3   We have been missing the sea so we had a windy walk on the beach at Porthtowan where the tide was completely out and the holiday crowds had all gone.  Footprints always catch my eye and I love the stone that looked like a foot. Click on any photo for detail.



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