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Peace Exhibition, VW Camper Van and Junk Yard

1   We went to Marazion today to a fascinating exhibition put on by the local Quaker group.



There was a very moving and informative display which told of the experiences of three local Quakers and their harrowing dilemmas with the peace testimony. Through poetry, photos, quotations and sculpture, attitudes to peace and war were examined and the role of the Conscientious Objector made clear. If you are one of my local readers, do go along. It’s on for four more days and is well worth your time.

2   When there, walking along the front, we saw a VW Camper van all decked out for a wedding and the wedding party were on the beach.

Wedding van

Wedding van

3   On our way home, we called in at our favourite reclamation yard, Shiver Me Timbers, always full of quirky objects and today was no different. Click on any photo for an enlargement.

On the way home we passed this beautiful Cornish Cottage.

Beautiful Cornish cottage

Typical Cornish cottage


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