Silver Linings and Special People

20 Apr

Ever the optimist and one to look for silver linings, the best thing about being ill for rather too many weeks has been the time I have had to knit! I have completed four meters of knitting for Wool Against Weapons and I have just started my fifth. At least I feel that I am achieving something positive!  The pieces are all supposed to be in pink but one or two rogue pieces have been sent in so my rogue piece is special. It is in the Suffragette colours of purple, white and green in honour of all the strong women (including my own Great Granny) who fought for our right to vote. The women, and some men, who are knitting for peace are fighting in their own way and I am proud to be one of them!
You could read the real Diary of an Imprisoned Suffragette here in my other blog if you’d like to know more about what these brave women went through to win the right to vote.

Four pieces for wool Against Weapons

Four pieces for wool Against Weapons

We have had our second daughter and family here for the last week and they have been brilliant, both KJ and L, our lovely son-in-law, taking over the cooking of all meals. We have eaten well! The Grandchildren have, of course, been a tonic with their laughter and hugs.





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