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New Recipe, Paintings and A Christmas Window

1 ¬† I’ve spent much of today making a delicious new dessert for the upcoming all-together-family day just after Christmas. I would have made the great family favourite, Chocolate Amaretti Torte but cannot use alcohol in anything this holiday. Then I read a similar recipe that uses coffee in place of the brandy and makes the whole thing as a loaf to slice so I have done a mix-and-match on both recipes to make my own (I’ll post it soon) and it now joins the other treats in the freezer. Let’s hope it works. I’ll let you know at the end of the month.

The picture in the magazine

The picture in the magazine, not my photo

2 ¬† While I’ve been busy with that and trying to practise The Entertainer on the piano ( My target is to play that by Christmas!) the lovely Mr S has been putting the paintings back on the walls in the newly decorated sitting room.

3  Driving home from the shops this evening, I snatched a moving photo of a Christmas tree all lit up in a window.

Lights in a window

Lights in a window


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Grand

It’s been such a week I have almost missed this challenge. Here are my Grand Canyon photos. What is more grand than that? These are all from the North Rim trails. Click on any photo for a better view.

You’ll find lots more in the challenge here


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