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Powder Bowl, Watering Can and Wood Burner

1   The decorating is all finished , the pictures are back on the walls and now the trinkets go back. As a child I always loved my Granny’s powder bowl with loose powder and a fluffy peachy powder-puff inside. She used to puff the powder on my cheeks and laugh and laugh when I sneezed!

Granny's powder glass

Granny’s powder glass

2   I keep little  treasures in it rather than powder. This tiny silver watering can was also my Granny’s. When it is held up to the light,  six little black and white pictures of Morecambe can be seen.

Views of Morecambe

Views of Morecambe

The wood is alight

The wood is alight

3   It is a truly unpleasant day out there today. The storm glass is high and we have lit the wood burner. A cosy evening calls.

PS   Father Christmas is on the case re my camera. This tricky to use one will suffice until then…….


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