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Satisfaction, Box and Concert

1   The decorating is almost finished! We just have to put the paintings back and all will soon be well. That’s a job well done!

2   Today,  I polished up my box where  I keep special things like first haircuts. wedding and birth announcements and noticed again the bee with the flowers. This box was given to me when I was about 11 years old; my Mum bought it at an auction in Truro.  Another time, I will show you some of my treasures.

Beautiful painted box

Beautiful painted box

3   Our choir, The Inglehearts, sang with the children from the village school in whose hall we  practise each week. It was so lovely to sing with the little ones from 4 – 10 years old who did beautifully in their Christmas Concert. I learned a delightful action song about penguins which I will do with our Grandchildren when they are with us at Christmas.


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